Children in Krasnoyarsk

For 15 years in the kindergarten number 317, in Krasnoyarsk, held a special recreational and strengthen programs for children, which includes pouring water, sauna and exercise. Children begin to pour with a 3-year vozrasta.

When the weather is 15 degrees Celsius, the kindergarten children go naked and poured cold water on yourself!
Many outsiders criticize this method of "entertainment." But as the teacher says Margarita Filimonov, that the practice of quenching is absolutely secure, as the street is allowed to leave the children, who for three years has been slow training and medical testirovanie.

Employees detsadika insist that practice makes children healthy and greatly improves their health. Kindergarten number 317 - the only institution of its kind in the region, which uses this kind of extreme uprazhneniy.

To prepare children for hardening on the street, the staff first indoor children pours cold shower. The water temperature is gradually lowered, and then let the children out. Dressed only in underwear they walk barefoot in the snow yard and poured over a bucket of ice water. The procedure takes only a few seconds, and then they go to a hot sauna. All this happens at 7:30 in the morning, before breakfast. Not all parents allow their children to participate in this exercise, hardening, but 70% of children attending kindergarten number 317, like my morning ritual.




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