This child is no more (19 photos)

Take me to my childhood ledyankah,
Where I did not hurt to fall,
Where "Chur" from all misfortunes means,
Where each snowflake - joy ...

Where dad - young and strong,
Where I want to cry without a mother,
Where the forest and pink, and blue,
And Santa Claus so rosy ...

Where nothing tastier icicles,
Where to himself kleish toys,
Where semolina porridge in the pot,
Where orange when you are sick.

Where the bitter medicine in a spoon,
Where to foam the milk into a glass,
Where in the plaid wrapped cat,
Where Valya on the screen.

Where happiness - if the mother house,
Where is the mountain - if go to bed,
And there is nothing more precious album,
And there is nothing worse than "Wash!»

Where the smell of tangerines Christmas tree,
Where under the tables housewarming,
Where the nose biting scarf poignant,
Where the angle - payment for fun ...

Where freezes hands to Sankoh,
And where else do not be ashamed to cry ...
Take me forward ledyankah!
You know, I can fall !!! © Unknown.


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