The artificial ear. Miracle Bioengineering

team of researchers from Cornell University have created artificial ear using 3D printing technology and gel formulations of live kletok.

According to experts, created so the ear is not very different from the present. It can be used for transplants for people suffering from strain or lost pinna of the ear. Currently, surgeons in the course of these operations are used for transplantation materials taken from the patient. This procedure is painful, in addition, the ears after such an operation is rarely similar to nastoyaschie.

To create a new artificial ear scientists first made digital three-dimensional image of the ear, and then created using 3D printer form, which added to the collagen extracted from rat tails, and 250 million. Chondrocytes derived from cows ears. After 15 minutes, the form removed, and the ear itself was placed in nutrient solution. Three months later, in an artificial ear cartilage is formed, replacing the collagen, performs the role of a skeleton.



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