Nightmare Arachnophobia

A new species of tarantula was found in the northern part of Sri Lanka. This type impresses with its sheer size. Tarantulas open the form the size of a human face. The search for a spider with legs 10 centimeters in length known as Poecilotheria rajaei, conducted since 2009. Then the scientists got the body of a dead animal. The new species was named in honor of the policeman who accompanied a team of researchers during their expedition.

Scientists realized that found a spider was not like any one of the tarantula, that they had seen before, and so we decided at all costs to find a living representative of a new species to learn more about them. Researchers conducted a large-scale searches in the forests of Sri Lanka and, finally, he was lucky. Scientists from the Biodiversity Education and Research in Sri Lanka have found a female and several pups. Tarantulas have a characteristic color, including a daffodil in the legs and pink band around the stomach.
"They are quite rare. They prefer to equip their nests in old trees, but due to deforestation has been a sharp reduction in their habitat. The find shows that wildlife continues to survive. Despite the fact that a person kills an animal familiar environment, they adapt to changing conditions, "- said one of the scientists who participated in the expedition. Despite the joy at the discovery, colleague researchers believe that it is necessary to analyze the DNA of a spider to make sure that it is indeed a new species.



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