group of researchers from the American University of Bucknell found in southern Sudan, previously unknown to science animal. An international team of biologists from the American University, Bucknell discovered in Southern Sudan, the representative of a new kind of bat. Its appearance resembles bamboo medvedya.

After some investigation, the scientists concluded that the animal is so rare that most likely will be classified to an entirely new genus of bats. - My attention was immediately attracted an incredibly beautiful painting of a bat. It was very similar to a panda - says assistant professor of biology from Bucknell University Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Dianne Ryder. - I was amazed that her body was so accurate figure! As a specialist in this area, I immediately realized that never in my life seen anything podobnogo.

According to the woman, she would have to spend the rest of his life to find something similar. After the expedition to the South Sudan expert intends to return home to the US and it is there to try to determine whether similar "bat Panda," which she caught, the one that managed to photograph in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1939 godu.

After consulting with colleagues, we concluded that this bat is definitely not belong to any known genus - shared Reeder. - We were lucky to encounter a unique phenomenon of nature.
In his article published in a scientific journal, she took the bat to a new genus, which was named Niumbaha. According to the American, the planned work is likely to be the most important discovery in her life.



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