New clip Cy "blow up" the Internet


New clip Psy (artist and songwriter from South Korea) "blew up" the Internet. Just a day after the publication of musical composition was viewed almost 20 million times. The new clip called Gentleman M / V, Psy showed new dance moves. In the video, there are some characters from last year's hit, survived it and mass dances. South Korean rapper Park Jae-san, who plays under the name Psy, famous throughout the world after the release of the video for the song Gangnam style. In December last year, a figure below the roller, laid out on YouTube, was the ten-digit. Billionth viewing video was recorded the evening of December 21. Gangnam style Ā«filled" on YouTube, only 15 of July, and in late November he was recognized as the most viewed video in the history of life. Currently, the number of views the video exceeded half a billion.



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