Ice tsunami

shocking tsunami of ice collapsed in central Canada and northern United States, prompting panicked residents to flee their homes. Icy waves reached the shore, as if frozen slow tsunami, passing on lawns and reaching the coastal domov.

Ice tsunami was caused by the strong wind, which reached a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, and up from the south coast of Lake Mille Lacs - the second largest lake of Minnesota, USA. A similar event took place on Friday in the Canadian province of Manitoba, where the wind lifted the pile of ice in Lake Dauphin, destroying six houses and damaged about 14. Miraculously, none of the residents was injured. People talked about, heard a sound like the sound of a passing train and in no time the ice filled doma.

A layer of ice covered the 16 km of coastline and reached a 9-meter-high, damaging doors and windows domov.

The province has been declared a state of emergency, and residents were evacuated. For many, it has become even more dramatic event, as many houses have only recently been restored after the flood in 2011.



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