Chinese stirred up a network

Chinese people posted on the Internet photos, which he was captured near the "alien." ET, as he claims, was trapped after the UFO crash, which occurred during a landing approach. The Chinese, with a very common name in the country, Lee laid out in a network of photographs in which he stands next to the refrigerator, which, supposedly, is the alien. View from extraterrestrial beings rather creepy. Photos from the stranger shook the Chinese Internet. Residents of China's social networking sites fiercely debated the origin of the substance from a photo.

Lee himself says he saw several UFOs, gliding across the night sky along the Yellow River in Shandong Province Bindzhou (Binzhou Shangdong). Suddenly, one of the ships began to spin erratically and lose altitude. According to Li, after a while the UFO fell to the ground. Having gone to the crash site, a fearless Chinese Lee found the wreckage of the aircraft and the remains of a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization, who was unable to leave the ship.

Lee says he took out a strange looking creature, and took it home to keep it in the freezer in his home. According to him, the alien flying saucer crashed in March.

Nevertheless, many of the Internet users do not believe in the story told by a man. Police even released an official statement, which says that the figure in the refrigerator, captured in photographs, is not really another form of life, and the product of high quality rubber.

"The remains of the stranger found a man in Binzhou, are high-quality fake. Most likely, the body is made of high quality rubber, "- said the police Jinan posted in the microblogging.

Despite police attempts to refute the story about aliens and UFO crash, Chinese bloggers are trying to link from Shandong and alien UFOs to land in Hubei, writes in the latest issue of British tabloid Mail Online.



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