Destructive eternal youth

Women spend a lot of money to get rid of wrinkles and regain appeal. But the 47-year-old Briton is ready to do anything, if only for its smooth face showed signs of aging. At the age of 24 years old Briton Anne (Anne) married her coeval Christopher Bolton (Christopher Bolton). First wife of the soul in each other not chayali, but after five years in the family Bolton began to emerge from conflict. Cause of quarrel was in appearance Ann - age bypass its storonoy.

"Just before I was about to turn 30 years old, my husband noticed that I draw the attention of the guys who were much younger than me, and began to be jealous, - says the woman. - Over the years, the difference in appearance between me and Christopher led to the fact that people began to consider him a man with strange tendencies, marrying at a young girl. I did my best to look older, but it did not help ".Dvoe children and 8 years of marriage did not affect the head of the family desire to dissolve the marriage with Anne, and thus get rid of the gossip behind their backs. Mother of two sons grieved divorce and ignored all attempts to engage young people communicate. However, after 4 years after a painful breakup woman met with Brian Graham (Brian Graham), who made no secret of pride in their well which looked girlfriend.

"He liked the way I look, and he always told me compliments. Even when I gave birth to him, Joshua and Jacob, my appearance has not changed. But when Brian was 42 years old, my curse of eternal youth back to haunt. Husband started to irritate, and later enrage questions what he has to me - a father or elder brother "- with a sad smile tells the mother of many children. In the end, a second marriage broke up Anne, and she was left alone again. The British tried to communicate with young suitors, but quickly realized the error of his actions. "At first I was flattered to receive favors from the guys a couple of times and I agreed to go on a date. However, the conversation with them was incredibly boring - they spoke only about cars and nightclubs. I realized that these guys do not interest me "- quoted 47-year-old woman reporter tabloid The Sun. Last attempt to establish Anne privacy in a 32-year-old electrician Paul Smith (Paul Smith). "This alliance was almost brought to mind both of us. Paul called him a dirty lustful goat, gold-diggers and me, who lived with a man for money - Briton describes the reaction of others. - All repeat: we are divorced and my ex-husband was out of town. "

The woman tried to escape from her sad thoughts and sought solace in communion with his sons, but older children began the mother, because it frightened them girls. "The same age as my sons believed that they are busy, and it's very annoying guys. Relationships with friends were also destroyed: jealous girlfriend and me jealous of their husbands. So I became a persona non grata, even among good friends. Every morning I peered expectantly at his reflection in the mirror, trying to find at least one wrinkle, but my skin is still smooth. My youth was a real curse - the children, like my peers do not recognize me, man hand, and with the youth I have nothing to say, "- sadly concludes Ann.



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