Filipino Superman

Superman fan Herbert Chavez made 13 plastic surgeries to be like his idol. 35-year-old man with the help of doctors changed his nose, jaw, passed liposuction and lighten up the skin before donned the costume of the popular geroya.

A resident of the Philippines for the first time Chavez saw Superman in 5 years on TV and then devoted his life to the realization desire to be like a hero. Operation cost him about 10 thousand dollars, which is huge for the Philippines dengami.

Now a man regularly took to the streets of his native city, dressed in a suit with a red cloak and the letter «S» on the chest, drawing the attention of hundreds of chelovek.

In addition to receiving external similarity, Herbert Chavez possesses the world's largest collection of souvenirs with Superman in the amount of 5,000, including three copies of a full-length reports Mirror.



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