The steroid transformation

Ministry of Health of the United States are seriously concerned about the problem of the so-called abuse of anabolic steroids. Generally, steroids are consumed by those who engaged in body building - the process of muscle growth is closely linked to the use of such drugs, using them increases muscle mass. Particularly sensitive to steroids women, drugs change them beyond recognition. At the fairer sex appear hair in atypical locations, coarsens his voice, and the abuse of stimulants causes liver disease and serdtsa.

On stimulants already sat down more than one hundred women in the United States - from the stars of show business and to the waitresses. Steroids in terms of dependence and harm equate to drugs. Moreover, as doctors have found, from the use of drugs is changing not only the appearance of women, but also their genitals. In the US, "pumped" to women and harm steroids dedicated film. In one passage he describes the Candace, a woman who is firmly hooked on stimulyatory.

On the "Transformation" girl spoke of her friends are not very positive, "Candice - now clumsy brunette with muscles, which would look out of place even Arnold Schwarzenegger. Her hair is growing everywhere: on the back, chest and upper lip. Initially Candace was not going to be pumped, but started to use steroids, it can not stop. However, she is happy, it does not bother her called transgender ยป.

In some cases, the use of steroids drove "athletes" to hospital beds. Physicians had to run extra training and use of the affected pacemakers. As a rule, only those "measures" were forced to abandon masculine women of the habit.



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