Photos of Vladivostok with the effect of Tilt-shift. (15 photos)

Among the most famous and interesting treatments of photos and videos, you can highlight the most popular effect Tilt-shift. With this effect, the city transformed almost beyond recognition and become more like a toy layout, than a real city. Let's look at the effect on the example of the city of Vladivostok. 33 minutes Vladivostok dock

Dynamo Stadium.

Public transportation "Area Semenovskaya". Why is the area - I do not know.

Golden Bridge

Fetisov Arena with seagulls on the roof

Naval Station Vladivostok

Military parade May 9

Overlapping Center during May Day marches

Finish "Expedition-Trophy" on g.Holodilnik

g.Holodilnik. "Expedition-Trophy".


Stopping the "Center".

Street Svetlanskaya.

Ocean avenue.

Office building



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