History of the Apple logo

Year of creation - 1976
Designer - Rob Janov

Present sign Apple has nothing to do with the very first company logo. Its symbol was originally Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, which in a halo of light just hung apple.

Author of the most known today throughout the bitten apple - designer Rob Janov of Regis McKenna. When the future creator of iPhone was explained that the engraving with Newton several low-tech, Apple turned in an advertising agency with a request to come up with a new sign. Jobs at the request, immediately after the first meeting Yanov started working on the implementation of the image in the apple sign. He himself admits that wasted not one kilogram apples before you come to a satisfactory rezultatu.Vazhna in a sign its shape dictated by the architectural principle of the golden section. It has not changed since 1976, even in 1998 when it was decided to make an apple monochrome, and zero - to give it volume. Designer Yanov, by the way, has not received a penny for his work.


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