Unusual toad (15 pics + 2 video)

The strong hind legs with normal frog webbed serve them to move in the water. Colouring flattened body dvadtsatisantimetrovogo adult peep varies from blackish-brown to gray. Belly light, but sometimes it takes a dark stripe.

If you want to make this natural wonder in his apartment, will have to purchase a spacious aquarium 100 or better on the 200 or 300 liters, decorate it live or artificial plants and fill the bottom of the gravel. Water in it should be warm (about 26 degrees) and well aerated. Surinamese feed pip can bloodworms, earthworms and small fish.

Former travelers say that pipa lives in the dark forest swamps, slowly and awkwardly crawls on the ground and distributes piercing smell, like the smell of burning sulfur. Observers describe most of the strange way of breeding Pipa, confirming information reported by Sibylla Merian and denying only its erroneous assumption that young pipa born on mother's back.

Pips frogs and toads live almost entirely in the aquatic environment. To do this, they have flattened bodies and relatively large compared to the rest of the body on the feet membrane.

Many reptiles have evolved quite a unique evolutionary path in a relatively small geographic area.
There are several different types of Surinam toads. View Ordinary pipa better known as Suriname toad usual.
Unlike other Bezyazichny toads in Surinam toads have sensitive areas on the tips of the front paws. They do not have claws, and they are mainly nocturnal.

When people first see what happens with the Surinamese pipoy - could not believe my eyes: the kids in Pipa appeared straight out the back.

And not any, and fully formed. And not one or two, and a few dozen. Great connoisseur of nature and animals English naturalist J. Darrell, who oversaw the birth of one young pipa wrote: Even before I had to be the greatest witness many diverse births. But only rarely seen and absorbed amazes me how that night ...


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