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In 1987, the American edition of "Children of the World" has placed an interesting photo essay from the Soviet Union. As it was shown the life of the child to the Soviet example decade Muscovite Katya.

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From left to right - my mother Olga, Katya and Alexander Pope. Katya - 10-year-old girl from Moscow, the capital of the USSR. Her homeland - the Soviet Union - takes more than one seventh of the land and has the largest area in the world.

Frost - not an obstacle for the Muscovites.

Kate goes to school - a risky way for slippery roads.

On a cold winter day in the joy of a hot meal.

Lunch in the dining room cheap, hot and delicious.

The lessons are lively.

Katya's mother worked as a school nurse. She likes to work with children.

Change can last from 10 to 20 minutes.

Katya does homework.

Katia has been at the family desk.

"Today I do win!ยป

Mom pomoshnitsa

Katya covers the holiday table.

Katya's treasures.

People gathered around the tray chef.

Left: Katya textbooks. Right: A discussion of the homework with a classmate.

Lunch in the open air always seems special.

Sasha tries to hit the bull's eye.

Foreign gaming machine.

Weighing on the street.

Katya and the other children in a camp.

Clockwise from the top left image: before dinner; Sport increases the appetite; eating a lot, and all the dishes are delicious; Puzzles are popular in the USSR.

The fire, which marks the end of the camp session.

Source: aquatek-filips.livejournal.com


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