The prototype invisibility cloak (5 photos)

Canadian design firm "Hyperstealth" demonstrated its unique design, elastic material "Quantum Stealth" ("Quantum stealth").
This fabric is unique in that it can bend light rays and fit into the environment.

As a result, creates a believable illusion of invisibility, realism which would have envied even Harry Potter with his pathetic cinematic plaschёm invisible.

Unfortunately, the prototype in the near future is unlikely to fall into the hands of the civilian population, but some lucky ones among the US soldiers already have the opportunity to try on all the charm of an opportunity to be invisible in the literal sense.

A prototype of the corporation "Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp" is still hidden behind a thick curtain of secrecy, so no test photo or videoispytany who have demonstrated the truth of the existence of such products at the press yet.



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