Children rock musicians

Their fathers - known in Russia and abroad rock musicians who brought their songs more than one generation, and managed to conquer a lot of stadiums and venues. For your selected collection of children of Russian rock musicians, many of whom also had achieved fame. Ivan Makarevich (the musician, the son of Andrei Makarevich)

Alexander Choi (musician, designer-decorator. Son Victor Tsoi)

Vera Panfilova (the actress. Kincheva daughter of Constantine, lead singer of "AliceĀ»)

Gradskaya Maria (daughter Alexandra Gradsky)

Cyn Alexander Barykina

Alice Grebenshchikov (BG daughter)

Peter Shevchuk (son Yuri Shevchuk)

Children Butusova Ksenia (born 1991)

Sophia (born in 1999) and Daniel (born 2005)

Anastasia Sukachev (2004 born daughter Garik Sukachev)

Igor Lagutenko (born 1988, lives in London. Son Ilya Lagutenko)

Ekaterina Grishkovets (surname of her husband, a journalist. Eldest daughter of Nikolai Fomenko)

Anastasia and Ivan (from his second marriage with Maria Golubkina)



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