Take a look as one blogger shot typical "mountain" weather with a height of almost 3,000 meters. So, violence of the elements in the Dolomites.

Seeing that the weather is getting worse, I decided to climb to the summit of Sass Pordoi (2950 m.) In the hope of "good", "photographic" light. The experience of many years of landscape photography prompted: after the rain usually bright beautiful sunsets. What I saw on top of the first few it disappointed me - rain smoothly into the city of a little more than the size of a pea. Around the lightning, and the atmosphere was so electrifying that the hair literally stood on end and moving. I'm not kidding, it was a little scary is in an open area.
1. Here's a sombre look met me at the top:

Naked cliffs, low stormy sky and rain mixed with hail. In the distance you can see the top of Pitz Boe (3152 m.) From the rifugio Capanna Fassa. By the way, the products are delivered to the helicopter.

When photographed near these shops and metal railings, it was easy to hear the crackle of static electricity. In short, it was a bit scary to shoot ...

The landscape around resembled the surface of some planet. Naked, barren, rocky desert, which meets snow. In the gorges, by the way, it pretty much. And "some" 300 million years ago, it was the bottom of the ocean ...

Water, wind, corrosion creates bizarre gorges and holes in the rocks:

Here he formed a canyon. I do not know the depth of it, but believe me, it's big enough and deep.

From time to time the sun did break through the clouds and the horizon looks through a blue sky. In the foreground - Sella. Now survey was conducted just with peaks hidden in the clouds.

It seems that the storm clouds are literally hanging over his head:

Soft diffused light the sunset:

When the rain started, the landscape changes dramatically - becoming gloomy harsh and inhospitable. Why not Mordor?

Here it is clearly seen abroad, where it ends and begins rain snow:

The mountain peaks soar in the clouds:

The clouds disperse and seen other "transcendental" world:

Bottom left visible pass Passo Pordoi (2239 m.), Where a cable car you can climb to the summit of Sass Pordoi (2950 m.)

And it is already dusk. The photo is difficult to convey the scale, but out of it, the size of the canyon, its depth is impressive.



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