Delicate aroma mood

What we "catchy" picture? Well, so wanted to go back and re-examine it more closely. Probably, here everyone has their own "hook." And it is absolutely necessary that it was so obviously clear and understandable at a glance. Rather, quite the contrary. Nothing like this supernatural there, but drat. Return again and again. Look. Something they feel. Because it involves is still viewing from any game of feelings and thoughts work. Sometimes you want something sort of do as a result. Go somewhere. To change something in their lives. Or just go across the street to help an old man.

Different happens.
But this "wine-bokalnaya" series - will laugh, somehow inspired by the desire to sit by the fireplace with a glass in one hand and a cigar in the other (though no longer a smoker) and just watch as falling outside a spreading snow. Stir occasionally embers, toss firewood. And do not think. Do not think that because of this snow again be left without light for a couple of days all the surrounding villages. That this is the snow will have half a day at least, rake away from home, and is already shovel nowhere. Well, okay. Now I feel good and comfortable. And about tomorrow tomorrow and I bother. Rightly said classic. And do not break me high. I'm in the house.
Author Series - Roman Nikonets.


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