A selection of photographs from the archives of the criminal chronicle of one New York newspaper

We offer you a selection of photographs from the archives of the criminal chronicle of one New York newspaper, made in the style of "then and now". July 22, 1943. 105-mm self-propelled gaubitsa M7 «Priest" (priest) drives past the City Hall on the way to the building of the New York Public Library on 42nd Street, where she was exhibited as part of a military exhibition.

March 19, 1942. The photo Edna Egbert soldier's mother, who went to the front, and from which there was not a single news since. Deciding that his son was killed, she was mad with grief, and went to the cornice of the building to jump off. But this was not so easy, and she was left to stand outside in silence looking at the gathering crowd of onlookers. After a while, the police pulled the bottom of the net, and two officers got out of the windows of adjacent apartments to convince her to go back inside. When a persuasion did not work, they just tried to push it down. Instead of falling, Edna began to shout loudly and fight back.

January 11th, 1951. In the photo a strong fire almost destroyed the church of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in the Brooklyn neighborhood Karrols Gardens. Later, the church was restored.

Classon ave and Pacific st. July 28, 1958. Just released from prison, a New Yorker decided not to pull, and immediately return to their usual craft - carjacking. The car he stole something, but far from her to go and could not. At the corner of Pacific and Classon he exceeded the speed limit, lost control and crashed into a pole. The day passed under the schedule: a prison-release of an accident, theft, and again the prison.

January 31, 1961. Leaking gas causing a large explosion in the 30-storey building located in downtown Brooklyn. 28 people were injured, but the building itself was not damaged in any way, except for broken windows and windows.

February 16, 1946. Firefighters battle blaze on the third floor of a residential building in Williamsburg. The building survived until now, but now it is one floor below.

December 17, 1960. Photo taken the day after the terrible plane crash, when the sky over New York faced the aircraft United Airlines, flight 826 and Trans World Airlines, Flight 266 Wreckage one of the planes fell on a residential area of ​​Brooklyn Park Slope neighborhood and destroyed many houses. As a result, almost all the passengers were killed airliners (128 people) and 6 people on the ground. The only survivor was a 11-year-old boy Steven Balz, who fell into a snowdrift. Unfortunately, he had spent only one day and died suddenly of pneumonia. At that time it was the biggest crash in the history of civil aviation.

April 4, 1959. 3-year-old Cartagena in March was hit by a car when riding a tricycle in front of his house. In the picture pastor consoled her older sister. On the brick wall of the building still have the chips and scratches left on the tragic incident.

February 26, 1961. The fire in the old fish market. The buildings are still standing, although some of them were a few floors below.

February 16, 1958. A serious fire in the building of Elkins Paper & Twine Co. claimed the lives of six firefighters. The building was completely destroyed, and his remains were demolished immediately after the ashes extracted from the remains of the dead.

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