Photos of Russian players in Instagram

Today we know what is involved in their spare time Russian football games and that they publish in their Instagram.

Alexander Kokorin "Dynamo" Moscow

In addition to already become canonical photo report on the trip with Pavel Mamaev in the United States, Kokorin feel free to post at all sorts of football and jokes, including about his unsuccessful voyage in Makhachkala. In addition, you can see that Kokorin, for example, partial to T-shirts Givenchy and the Spanish "Barcelona". In the club, as it turned out, he had chosen for himself ninth number and spoke with Lionel Messi on this subject.

Fedor Smolov "Dynamo" Moscow

Consistently misses the composition of "Anji" last season, Fedor resin apparently worked with the television crews on Europa League matches, since half the photos of his "instagrama" - Scenes from the football field. The rest of the page is devoted to his beloved girl and Victoria. When we go in a good mood, resins like to share with subscribers images of favorite pair of sneakers or platelets.

Pavel Mamaev "Krasnodar»

"Instagram" Paul could easily illustrate all our stuff about tattoos - pictures clogged with sleeves and backs there are literally through time. In addition to this Mamaev clearly experiencing weakness for basketball and black guy who is constantly photographed in their journeys. The most mysterious picture of Paul - a portrait of his grandfather Hassan signed "Eternal Memory ...".

Vyacheslav Malafeev «Zenit»

Page Vyacheslav Malafeev - logical complement launched this summer reality show "Malafeeva", which focuses on family life goalkeeper "Zenith". I think his "instagram" could become a real treasure for people to update the Content magazines StarHit or "7 Days": family photos within-hearts, fishing in the country and the harsh portraits of himself in home interiors.

Anton Shunin "Dynamo" Moscow

Young Dynamo goalkeeper has a passion for motorcycles, traveling, and periodically tries himself as a basketball player. Perhaps inspired by the experience of his colleague, Peter Cech, recently Anton got a helmet soldiers. More photos by Anton devoted girlfriend and no easy goalie share.

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov «Spartak»

Training with "Spartacus" Diniyar Bilyaletdinov prefer classes with his own son, perhaps this is the reason of missing Diniyar of the red and white. In the absence of match practice Russian football team does not lose time and periodically tries himself in the role of driver or helicopter pilot.

Roman Shirokov «Zenit»

Roman Shirokov fans have always known as a very cultured man. Confirmation that at least photos of the theater in its "instagrame." At the same time, Roman time to go to the games and SKA St. Petersburg, together with its partners in the "Zenith". More profile Shirokov can uncover the mystery of who is a personal stylist Hulk.

Yuri Zhirkov "Dynamo" Moscow

Lighted in a scandal with a hookah for children newfound midfielder white and blue in his "instagrame" does not publish anything provocative. Only recreation, travel and family dear heart - but he carries out these pictures with an enviable love and warmth.

Vasili Berezutski "CSKA»

We're not sure exactly what this profile in the "Instagrame" belongs to Basil, not Alexei Berezutsky. At the very least, to distinguish the brothers in the photos certainly not possible.



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