Moscow metro station, named in honor of Russian Writers

From the historical past we got a lot of streets, subway stations and towns named after famous personalities. Today we would like to tell you about the underground stations, which received its name in honor of the Russian writers.

Pushkinskaya. Opened: December 17, 1975

The deepest on its branch (51 meters) and one of the busiest stations in the Moscow subway. From the poet in the design of the station - copper coinage on the walls dedicated to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, it is in the tomb of St Michael and Pushkin in the Holy Monastery. Each of coinages contains not only the image, but also a line of poetry sun of Russian poetry.

Chenhovskaya. Opened: December 31 1987

Interesting, but a little-known fact!

Why is the transition is a monument to Chekhov Gorky? It's simple. Until 1991, the station was Gorky Tver. And this interchange node stations which are named after writers and poets Pushkin, Chekhov and Maxim Gorky, was deeply symbolic.

Mayakovskaya. Opened: September 11, 1938

During the construction of the station Mayakovskaya time to visit "Triumph Square" and "Mayakovsky Square." Its architecture - corrugated stainless steel (try throwing a coin along the crawfish - it will land on the other side!), A bit of art deco and neo-classical Stalinist. As decoration - mosaic in the niches of the glazes on sketches by A. Deineka on "Day of Soviet sky").

It is interesting that, in fact, the theme of Mayakovsky appeared only after the war - first bust of the poet. And much later, in 2005, the design of the new lobby appeared vault decorated with mosaics and the background, like a leaf in a cage, and against this background - a quote from the poet. Bust Mayakovsky, by the way, again suffered. This time from the station hall to the lobby.


Opened: January 5, 1972 The station is named after Turgenev Square, and is located at a depth of 49 meters. It is not as intricate as the Chekhov and Mayakovskaya. The walls are decorated with brass inserts with floral ornaments, the walls are lined with marble, and the ceiling - a diamond-shaped plates made of fiberglass.

Dostoevskaya. Open: June 19, 2010

181-I station of the Moscow metro began to build in the mid-1990s, but Dostoevsky was destined to be protracted. The two thousandth on the unfinished station even filmed "Trackman".

Along with Chekhov, it is one of the thematic stations - all the walls are decorated with scenes illustrating the four main Dostoevsky's novel. First reaction to the tragic fresco was quite ambiguous, even rumored that deserted station love troubled teens. Over time, the talk died down and it became clear that the Moscow subway supplemented with another beautifully decorated station.

Bunin alley. Opened: December 27, 2003

The ground station 170-I of the account, the station is made in blue-and-green-blue palette, and is named for the eponymous mall. On this her literary, perhaps, and ends.

Lermontov Prospekt. Expected opening: autumn 2013

In recent years, the construction of the subway in Moscow again resumed and soon will open another "literary" station -Lermontovsky Avenue. Discoveries await residents of the area Zhulebino and projected to the subway in the area will save up to 30 minutes of precious time. And that's just in one direction.



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