Crocodile Farm in the desert

This place is located in the Arava desert, on the way to Eilat. The author decided to briefly look at the farm and watch the crocodile family. What he came out of it, you can see under the cut.

First, we look at the females that have recently laid eggs, and now guard the future offspring. In fact, they only think that protect eggs taken from them and transferred to an incubator, for greater safety.

One of the females lay fairly close to the fence:

Despite the warnings, I pressed the lens to the bars of the enclosure. Krokodilitsa it obviously did not like, and she turned out to be near me INSTANT. Well, that pretty solid bars:

Teeth at them - see for yourself:

Generally, the crocodile coming - a very funny sight. Unless, of course, he does not go and does not run it for you, because the speed of a decent reptile can develop and catch up with the man - no problem:

Where was the crocodile, the sand remains a distinct trace of the tail:

Basically, spend a hot day crocodiles in the pond:

Or its banks:

What's interesting: the crocodile to cool, open the jaws of the dog:

Cartoon about a bird Tari remember? So I expect that now arrive and will clean his teeth:

Sometimes reptiles get up and move from place to place after the shadow:

Another shot for dental ...

And we are called to see how to feed the very young, newly born crocodiles. They sit in boxes and plastic, like, sleep:

But when a long tweezers stretch a small fish, it is very animated and instantly swallow it. After gastrointestinal krokodilenysh was satisfied Orit made us see it and pat:

Crocodile delighted obviously was not, but especially not resist:

Only occasionally opened his jaws, as if to say: grow up - all here devour:

By the way, the owners of the farm, and Ofer Orit Kobe - a very interesting and unusual people.

Ofer Orit and Kobe experienced krokodilovody. Ofer - a zoologist by training, he graduated from the Hebrew University in 1985 with a crocodile began working in 1988 in Kenya, where it was created crocodile nursery. Ofer crocodiles caught broodstock. At the end of the period of Kenyan life, he was already a recognized expert on catching crocodiles and their breeding. In Kenya, Ofer met with Orit, who came on holiday on a safari. I met, married, and has also become Orit krokodilyatnitsey. At first she only collected eggs that were safe occupation, and later became and catch crocodiles. In 1994, he returned to Israel, they decided to create a farm in the Arava. But pierce our bureaucracy was not easy. It took 12 years.

Time passed quickly, I had to continue the journey to Eilat. So I said goodbye to the ICU last photographed crocodile and went to the door.



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