Katy Perry (Katy Perry) at the premiere of "Storm» (The Tempest) in Los Angeles

American singer attended the premiere of the film adaptation of the play by William Shakespeare.

Pop singer appeared in a Los Angeles cinema «El Capitan» is not alone, and arm in arm with her lover, and, more recently, beloved husband Russell Brand (Russell Brand). The couple were dressed in the same color scheme, which created a sense of greater unity and harmony of the couple. As it became known, Russell has long been friends with the singer starring in the film "Storm» (The Tempest) - Helen Mirren (Helen Mirren), by the way, nee Elena Mironova. Russell was so impressed by the creativity and familiarity with Helen, even gave her an antique brooch. Katy Perry (Katy Perry), of course, is not jealous spouse. After Helen older newlyweds together :)


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