Studio by Guillermo Torres (Guilherme Torres) in Sao Paulo

This famous Brazilian designer and architect never rests on its laurels and continues to work tirelessly.

By Guillermo Torres (Guilherme Torres) asked the young successful businessman, who in his spare time engaged in music. The request was quite original: to make out of his apartment, in the typical style of the 80s of the last century, something modern, comfortable, compact and always with a place where you can twist the vinyl and work with a drum machine. Designer gladly took up the project. What happened - you can see below. For lighting used exclusively LEDs. Appartment that creates a feeling of more space. All the furniture was also made on the development of the designer. But it's not about expensive creative accessories. Guillermo contrary interior details create out of nothing. For example, stand for decks - a transformer made of conventional aluminum mounting the stairs.


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