Day in Photos, February 4, 2011

That resulted in another work week. But not for everyone. Therefore we dedicate this material, especially those who will be working tomorrow. The others can see :)

Sadly the snow falls in the US state of Texas.

In Malaysia, fishing starts right from the porch.

A car became amphibians.

Boat mess in Cardwell, Australia after a visit cyclone Yasi.

"Welcome to the Cardwell».

Japanese farmer inspects cabbage in the ashes of the volcano.

"Foggy morning, morning sedoe ..." in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).

Qatari duck decided to fly somewhere.

Merry mosaic of Muslims praying at Tahrir Square in Cairo.

In Marseilles dockers are still on strike than to immobilize one of the largest ports in the country.

Indian socialists protest against the burial of Lenin's body.

Tehran Muslim women during the traditional Friday prayers (Iran).

A man using a horn imitates the call of the deer in Dortmund at the fair Hunting and Fishing (Germany).

What are they there just is not shoved in their mouths.

Construction of a new metro station "Rockin 'in Amsterdam at the initial stage.

Rostovets Andronicus Yagubyanets produces another violin, which he will buy at least EUR 5 000.

Bidder eating chicken wings at the limit (Philadelphia, USA).

Legs of a homeless, sleeping in a concrete pipe, near one of the main markets of Manila (Philippines).

German Chancellor Angela Merkle: "After a delicious dinner, wipe the handle on itself ...».

French President Nicolas Sarkozy continues to "burn».

José Manuel Barroso said Sarkozy: "I've been around the corner are delicious donuts eaten».

Austrian skier Martin Koch moment before ski jumping in Oberstdorf in the framework of the World Cup.

Windsurfer could not conquer another wave on the north coast of England near Crosby.

Arlington Texas town is ready for Super Bowl. Even snow does not interfere with the match on Sunday.

Russian women's tennis team on the eve of the match against France in the framework of Fed Cup.

And here is the rival. In the center is not tennis player and the coach.

Mentor London football club "Chelsea" has officially introduced the new player - Spaniard Fernando Torres.

Teletubbies New Zealand Festival in Wellington fans.

Australians Clint Bolton's time to move on from the players in the water polo players.

Jaguar 1964 release on the exhibition of the auction house Bonhams in Paris before bidding.

Car Simca 1959 Charles de Gaulle at the exhibition of vintage cars in the same place in Paris.

This coming Wednesday at Christie's auction will be sold a few paintings of Max Ernst. As long as they can see anyone. But only as long.

There you will sell, and "Still Life and l'Esperans» (Nature Morte a L'Esperance) by Paul Gauguin.

Eye Sally Stevens and a diamond ring worth 7,000 pounds. On Wednesday, in Edinburgh for this plan to get in the ring 2, 5 times more.

In Sri Lanka celebrated the 63rd anniversary of independence.

Sea food on the eve of the religious holiday in Ahmedabad (India).

Nepali Buddhist prayer flags on changes Buddanata mortar, which has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

China will now be 15 days stupidly celebrate the New Year. And who they were forbidden?

Visit the Great Wall of China - one of the favorite pastimes of the Chinese.

Shooting of the film "Sherlock Holmes 2" Guy Ritchie, are in full swing in Strasbourg (France).

The contestant (or contestants) the competition "Miss Transvestite Tegucigalpa" in Honduras.

Photo: AP, Reuters, Getty Images


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