Day in Photos, February 18, 2011

Friday! And that's it. Problems of the work week behind and it's time to relax. We offer a break, looking shots of the past days.

Year-old gorilla Uzury eating salad in the German city of Duisburg Zoo.

Wild ponies having fun in a swampy area near the English town of Bodmin.

French farmer cleans his cow before the start of the 48th International Exhibition of Farmers in Paris.

Fight sheep in Afghanistan is a national pastime.

The dog, on this occasion, the exhibition shows the language of pets in Hong Kong.

In the US capital, Washington, after snowfalls and frosts came incredibly warm weather. I envy.

Iraqi woman sells apples at the Friday market in Sadr City.

Members of the organization "Eco-house" from Belarus, gather reeds to build a summer of his home for immigrants from the Chernobyl zone.

Chinese man carries his bike through the streets of Zhejiang.

The boy looks like Muslims praying in a mosque Baitul Futuh London during Friday prayers. It is the largest mosque in Western Europe.

For shoes there is a special shelf.

In Thailand, we celebrated one of the major Buddhist holidays - Makha Bucha.

The candle burns near the image of the Virgin Mary in the church of old Zagreb.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni (hat) is in line to vote in the presidential and parliamentary elections in the northern town of Kiruhura.

Today, the Egyptians in Tahrir Square is officially celebrated victory over the regime of Hosni Mubarak.

Brown-eyed Egyptian woman, a supporter of the deposed tyrant, standing outside a Cairo mosque Mustafa Mahmoud.

Kuwait picked up the idea of ​​anti-government demonstrations. The authorities are trying to contain discontent. Events taking place in the city of Jahra Kuwait. Bedouin protesting against the infringement of their civil rights.

Palestinian demonstrators disperse water cannons. The village of Bil'in, West Bank.

Sam Thomas at the Brunswick Gold rushes to his victory at the tournament in Feykenheme, England.

Australian cyclist Rohan Dennis picked up speed during the qualifying arrival in Manchester at the World Cup on track.

Backhand from the Swedish tennis player Robin Soderling at the ATP tournament in Marseilles.

The leader of the World Cup speed skating American Catherine Retter at the next bend in the German Cup Dresden.

Dutch rider Robert Gesink - the winner of the fourth stage of the multi-day bicycle race «Tour of Oman».

The legendary Brazilian footballer Pele among fans on the eve of a press conference.

American Cheryl George smiles happily. She found a dress to taste at the annual sale of wedding dresses from famous designers in New York.

American actor Kevin Spacey increasingly appears with politicians. Now with British Prime Minister James Cameron. I do not pricked up skiing if Mr. Spacey to repeat the success of Reagan and Schwarzenegger?

In the French town of Menton lemons traditional festival started. Traditionally, citrus create entire sculpture.

In Tokyo, the Japanese Academy Award handed out. Incidentally, for 34 minutes again.

Showing Roberto Verino under the Cibeles Fashion Week in Madrid Spanish.

Fashion Week kicked off in London. The model involved in the show, Jean-Pierre Braganza.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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