Accidents Googlers

It's just a slave in the galleys. Poor guy. Sweatshop in action. Sincerely sorry intelligent, in general, the guys on kupivshihsya chic facade and not assume what a terrible truth lies behind this beauty. So, the book claims the corporation Google.

I have too far to go to the gym. You must open a gym in my body that I could do without spending time walking up to him.

"Management employees" takes more than one page.

These Freestuff hundred-dollar headphones spoil my hairstyle.

Every time I go during the day for a massage on my face until the evening there are traces of folds on the pillow.

5 of the 8-khalyavnykh shirts I got this year, black. Me it razdazhaet. I prefer blue color.

During a corporate party with skydiving, we were promised 50 seconds of free fall, however, looking at video from the jump, I noticed that there was only 41 seconds.

My tridtsatidyuymovy monitor obscures views of the mountains.

I do not feel the difference between the settings massage chair, "Relaxation", "Regeneration" and "Evocation┬╗.

Sometimes when I go for some drinks in the kitchen, it turns out that they just loaded into the refrigerator and bottles did not have time to cool thoroughly. And after this work?

Sofa in my office is not long enough to stretch out on it at full length.

Due to the fact that 14 times a week I eat at Google I is cheaper on weekends there is a cafe or restaurant than purchasing the product. As a result, I have almost a year not had anything to cook and my skills in cooking suffer.

At dinner eaten pizza all to me and I had to have a steak.

When I travel at the expense of the company in other offices, the food in there the kitchen is strange and I do not know what to choose.

I have a feeling that if I get used to the company's outstanding phone, as they give us a new model, and I have to learn over again.

I'm fat because of the unlimited khalyavnykh food.

I'm a little burned on our corporate parties in Hawaii.

Charlie's Cafe had a meeting with Lady Gaga, so I had to go the long way for my dinner.

When I'm working from home, I have to cook your own breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I gorge at breakfast that did not have time to be as hungry for dinner.

In the games room we have only one Bean bag chair, so I had to sit in a chair, playing Call of Duty.

Selection of classic slot machines in our building is limited, so sometimes I have to go to another building.

We have built a catapult from furniture, but the ceiling was too low to run oranges at a distance greater than 45 meters.

In the morning, I can not admire the Harbour Bridge from the fact that the sun rises over Sydney and I have to close the blinds.

I did not get khalyavnykh shirts for 3 months.

Cook, cooking sushi, do not put enough sauce aioli in my crab roll.

Chalk for billiard cues is not suitable in color to the cloth on the table.

From my office overlooking the Bay Bridge, and I would like to view on the Golden Gate Bridge. He's beautiful.

My workplace is equidistant from the two kitchens and each time I have to decide which one to go. B> em>


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