Cubic house at the foot of the Alps

This house is located in the Austrian town of Mellau and its creators are Juergen Haller (Jürgen Haller) and Peter Plattner (Peter Plattner).

The architects were given the task to write a new project in the local colorful architecture that they managed tolerably well. Because of the slope on which the house is built, the inhabitants of the housing there is a great opportunity to enjoy the wonderful panorama. The house has two entrances - front and through the garage. The main entrance as it summarizes a guest cloakroom. On the ground floor an open space between the kitchen, dining and living room shared staircase. Also on the ground floor is a guest bedroom and bathroom. Master bathroom is located on the second floor and is connected to a small terrace that allows you to fully relax. Inside the house, in spite of the large windows, cozy thanks to the local tree decoration - fir. Natural light is sufficient, even in the basement. This is achieved by placing the stairs, the size of the windows and using the White House in detail.


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