The winners of sports car design Factory Five

American car company completed the competition, which began in March. The company decided to find an idea for the future design of a sports car 818.

The winner of the contest was one Naufon Bansasi (Nouphone Bansasi), a draft of which you and you will see the first (first two images). For winning designer received $ 5,000. There were several contenders mandatory conditions before starting work: the car should be a two-seater and its wheelbase should be 2413 mm. The car will be based on Subaru WRX. The name of the model 818 will be implemented in its future weight - that is how much will weigh a kilo sports car. By the way, the final version of the car will be rear-wheel drive, and the prime minister can already take place next autumn in Las Vegas at the auto show. Designers promise to cost less than $ 15 a car 000.


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