Day in Photos, July 29, 2011

Friday indicated in the first big holiday of the Day of the system administrator. Congratulations to all involved. But in our report, we will focus on very different. What it is - read on.

Young Petrograders fun near one of the fountains of St. Petersburg, pouring water on each other. The sun continued to bake.

But in Moscow today passed a long-awaited rain. Sometimes even more than justified expectations.

Indian young people having fun in the fog city Saputara.

Family Smurf opens today day of the New York Stock Exchange.

Multgeroya tried to add a little smile after the announcement of the government that the economic situation in the country "not a fountain."

Mountain rescuer takes a breath during a short break in the rescue work at the mine "Sukhodolsky East." Here today because of a methane explosion killed 18 miners and another twenty fate is unknown.

Transportation terrorist Andres Breivik interrogated for the second out of jail Oslo police, Norway.

Amphibians are moving towards the shore during a rehearsal of the parade on the occasion of the Day of the Navy, the harbor of Vladivostok, Russia.

The main thing for paratroopers - strong teeth! All the same Vladivostok.

It is also in full swing preparing for the parade in St. Petersburg. Sailor looks at the ships and submarines in the delta of the Neva. The holiday will be celebrated next Sunday.

Echo last war of the Soviet Army against the Mujahideen - a Soviet tank near the US military base in Kajaki, Afghanistan.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is dancing on the balcony with his granddaughter Gabriela during the celebration of its 57 th anniversary, Caracas, Venezuela.

Today, from Krasnoyarsk Roman Haurusik and Wladimir Muravlev alone could move the 500-tonne structure (10 w / wagons) in honor of the railway. And not just move and stretch over a distance of 10 meters.

Skateboarder Sandro Dias of Brazil acts on the first day 17-x X-Games, which started last night in Los Angeles, USA.

Russian Mikhail Youzhny celebrates his victory in the quarterfinals of the prestigious tennis tournament «Suisse Open» over Austrian Andreas Haider-Maurer in Gstaad, Switzerland.

German Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel of Team RedBull calls in the pits during practice on the eve of the Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest.

Polish Radoslaw Kovetski swimmer starts in the final swim on his back on a 200-meter distance in Shanghai at the World Championships in Aquatics.

César Cielo of Brazil during the men's 50-meter freestyle in the same Shanghai.

French football club from the US «New York Red Bulls» and coach Hans Backe at a press conference in London on the eve of the international tournament «Emirates Cup» in London, England.

These are the plastic covers are made in Japan for the iPhone.

Unit Price from $ 26 to $ 56.

Visitors to the Edinburgh Museum exhibits pass on the day of its opening after reconstruction.

Reconstruction lasted three years and cost $ 47, 7 million.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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