Minigene from Ani Markevitch (Anja Markiewicz)

Size origami, which makes this girl is so small that it is time to call it a nano-origami. How, in fact, calls his collection Anya. How can I create a butterfly from a paper size smaller buttons - only she knows.

German artist Anja Markiewicz (Anja Markiewicz) is interested in Origami for a long time, but to create tiny origami start recently. Looking at her work, there is a feeling that most of us simply do not know what they are capable of the human hand. Anya has been a classic Japanese origami, and also creates its own model animals, flowers, snowflakes, insects and household items. We will not call the work of the artist, in order that you could fantasize yourself who or what is depicted on the palm.

Photo by Anja Markiewicz



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