Day in Photos, September 6, 2011

Today, in Europe and Asia it was a day of sports and events, and in North America nothing but trouble. Overall Tuesday as Tuesday, if not for a few details that do not meet the usual weekdays. What are the details - see below.

More than seven thousand residents of Bastrop Texas town left their homes due to the fire in the National Park of State, United States.

In the Chinese Qingdao beaches blackened sand. Experts say that this has nothing to do with the hit of oil into the sea water. Nothing to worry about, there are no harmful emissions.

White Bengal Tiger posing in front of zoo visitors in Singapore.

In the same zoo visitors feed the giant turtles.

The dog jumps into a public swimming pool in Arlington, Ohio, on the background of the inscription "Do not dive."

Biennial Labrador Mara waiting for their owners, sitting in a bathrobe after bathing on a special plant in Leipzig, Germany.

Horse is swimming in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Malta.

Traditional volley, indicating the beginning of the grape harvest in the German Meissen.

The horse and the remains of the car at the edge of a corn field in the village of Asmar, Afghanistan.

Two New York boy playing with a statue of Hans Christian Andersen in the Central Park, the United States.

Believers Hindu god Ganesha statue protect against the waves of the Arabian Sea during the festival "Ganesh Chaturthi", Mumbai, India.

American soldiers are gaining sand bags for the construction of new fortifications in Paktika Province, Afghanistan.

In Sydney, Australia, a man held in the District Court of his daughter as a hostage, the trailer for her fake bomb.

Hostage freed from a model only ten hours - no one knew it was fake bomb. Father arrested.

In one of the restaurants in Carson City, Nevada, a man opened fire on visitors. Seven people were injured, USA.

Egyptian writing on the wall around the Israeli embassy in Cairo: "The Egyptians want the wall came down." Wall came after one of the demonstrators tore the flag of the neighboring state to the embassy.

New Zealand school children during a traditional Maori dance, as a greeting England rugby flown at the Rugby World Cup in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Competitors Elephant Polo in the Cup of the King of Thailand rest during the break of the next match. At the tournament in Hua Hin 12 national teams arrived, Thailand.

Fans Indonesia national football team made a noise for nothing. Their team in the Asian Cup qualifying match against Bahrain lost 0: 2, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Footballer against the Netherlands Luuk de Jong (orange shirt) puts the bullet in the away match against Finland. Qualifying match of Euro 2012 the Dutch won with the score 2: 0.

Australian Joshua Kennedy draws "double" in the qualifying match of the Asia Cup against Saudi Arabia, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The Australians won 3: 1.

Oddly fought Anatoliy Tymoschuk of Ukraine national football team against the Czechs, his team lost with the score 0: 4. The only good news that the match was a friendly.

Today in New York, the US Open tennis took a break due to adverse weather conditions. Matches postponed to Wednesday.

The Norwegian Nittedale moose attacked a participant of the race over rough terrain. The victim was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Oslo.

Defenders of Nature protest against the use of fur in the spring Fashion Week in Melbourne, Australia.

Group of Maroon 5 performs at the fair in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Photo: Getty Images, AP, AFP, Reuters


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