The festival of street art «Grottaglie Fame Festival» in Italy

This festival has become a regular and organized by the Milan design studio «Studiocromie». To participate in this event are invited well-known street artists from around the world.

Local authorities recovered a few days for the artists who paint the streets of Italian and Grottaglie, not far from Taranto. This time the festival was honored by the participation of eighteen artists from eight countries: Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada and the UK. Festival firmly holds the status as one of the most ambitious's Event of this kind. This, incidentally, is the fourth «Grottaglie Fame Festival». Until tomorrow, all installations and drawings remain intact, but then their fate depends solely on the residents of the commune Grotalle - they decide. In our collection, not all work fresh. There are a few left over from past festivals.

Photo by Flickr


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