Art Graffiti Juan Alife (Xuan Alyfe)

Unfortunately, we have failed again when they tried to find out some details about the author of these unusual works. However, all that we were able to get, be sure to tell you. So, Juan comes from Spain.

And to be more precise the town of Avilés, which is located in the north of the country. In this city, and placed most of the works of Juan Alife (Xuan Alyfe). Although, in the nearby Gijon they also abound. Juan has its own style, looking at the effect of which is clearly visible abstract Joan Miro and Kandinsky. Especially clearly seen parallels in the use of the fabulous and geometric compositions. The first thing that impresses and attracts the attention in the work of Juan - the mysterious spirituality of each project.

Photo by Flickr


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