Giant street art masterpieces bully Blu

Italian street artist gained fame back in 1999, when the social has created a series of graffiti in the center of his native Bologna. Ever since the Blu change the scale to create drawings, but not the theme.

Until 2001, the year the Italian used aerosols. And only after a given time, he decided to use a regular paint, rollers and other related tools. Now his work is not limited in the area. The greatest influence on the development of Blu, a legend of street art, had his friend and "colleague» - Ericailcane. For four years they worked together, decorating the night the streets of Italian cities. Guys now establish joint work, but not as often as before. Since 2005, the Blu switched to travel and visited many countries in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. At the end you can see Photo Selections wall animations that create Blu in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rollers for over two years, but you can watch dozens of times and every time again to admire.


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