Don village end of the nineteenth-century photographs of Ivan Boldyrev

Well-known Russian photographer and inventor created his type of film to photograph before its legendary founder of the company patented Kodak, George Eastman. However, Ivan found no support from the state.

Ivan Boldyrev (first photo) created not only a film, allows you to shoot those who love to travel. He created his own with a unique camera lens. Alas, 150 rubles for a patent at the Russians and was not found. The first half of his life Ivan lived in the Don steppes. Only at the age of fifteen years was literate. After working as an assistant photographer in Novocherkassk, the young man moved to St. Petersburg at the age of 22 years. Within three years, he will construct his own camera and take a series of pictures "Kinds and types of the 2nd district of the Don" (1875-76gg.), Most of which are presented below. Boldyrev was a simple self-taught from a family of Don Cossacks, thought process that could envy of any.


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