Legend photos - André Kertész (Andre Kertesz): Part Two

So, we continue the story of one of the most important photographers in the history of art. The beginning of his career, you could see in the first part of our material. Andre is becoming popular in the French capital.

For him posing known at the time the person not only in Paris but also in the world: Brassai, Marc Chagall, Sergei Eisenstein. Here, in 1927, will be the first in the history of the world solo exhibition of works by the photographer. Yes, it is André Kertész (Andre Kertesz) became this "firstborn." Six years later, he managed to publish his first album "Children". Before leaving for the US time to publish another album. But forced to leave France because of fears for his life. The best place of residence for the Jews at that time, was North America. Unfortunately, Andre could not carry all his negatives, so part of the heritage has been lost. In the period from 41 th to 44 th years had no right to publish, as a citizen of the country, the enemy. Received US citizenship, he continues to be exhibited and published not only in America but around the world. Andre died at the age of 91-years in New York, all his letters and negatives bequeathed to convey France.

Photo by Andre Kertesz


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