Day in Photos, February 15, 2012

Behind the scenes it came to an end not only to the middle of the week, but the middle of the last of the winter months. Of course, it ended somewhere between yesterday and today, but will not go. The day was noisy, and sometimes even beautiful.

The sun is not only warm, but also gives us the beauty of the Northern Lights over the island Kvaloyya in Norway.

Icy beauty of the national park "Unteres Odertal", Germany. Nature knows a lot about beauty.

Who would have believed a few decades ago that surfing can be practiced in the winter on the coast of the North Sea in Scotland. New technologies allow immersion suits need to keep warm.

The female French bulldog named Baby helps feed the six piglets, orphaned, Lehnits, Germany.

Tractor working on a snow-covered vineyards Dyurbahta, Germany.

Woman separates unwanted stems from chili peppers in Ahmedabad, India. For a ton of purified chili worker will receive about 500 rupees, or about $ 10.

Afghan children play on the remains of a Soviet armored troop-carrier in Herat. Today marks 23 years from the date of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the country.

Jewish boy hiding in the traditional Jewish wedding in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Demonstrations of North Korean athletes on the birthday of Kim Jong Il. If he were still alive today, he would have turned 70 years old, Pyongyang, North Korea.

Hindu believer prays in one of the monasteries in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Posters in support of the presidential candidate from the French Socialist Francois Hollande. As befits a Socialist, Francois focuses on pressing issues. For example, surrogacy in the country is still outlawed.

Hand electorate north India. An elderly woman holding an identity card, standing in line to vote in Varanasi.

That is what the strength of goals from South Korean policemen. Demonstrative show for the upcoming summit in Seoul against terrorism.

French firefighters today across the country have shown that there is no smoke without fire. The one-day strike in support of labor agreements was held in France.

Protests against the construction of a new railway station in Stuttgart, sitting in a hammock, just in the place of the planned construction, Germany.

Before you not mass bathing and Sri Lankan police crackdown of demonstrators protesting against the sharp rise in prices of basic commodities, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

An incredible event occurred today in the Somali Mogadishu. Civilians weary of the constant claims of the Islamists. The city took action against the supporters of the "Al Qaeda" and "Al-Shebab."

Ezequiel Garay (left) and Vladimir Bystrov (right) fight for the ball. Their clubs, "Benfica" and "Zenith", now playing in the first match of 1/8 final of the Champions League. Petersburgers snatched victory 3: 2 2 inuty until the end of the match.

In the second match of the day "Milan" easily coped with the London "Arsenal".

Players gelzenkirhenskogo "Schalke 04" train before the match within the framework of the Europa League against Czech club "Victoria" Plzen.

Victoria Azarenka from Belarus reflects supply Germans Mona Barthel in a match at an international tennis tournament in Doha, Qatar.

Throughout the post-Soviet space is a "wall Choi" and created a wall in Manila Whitney Houston, Philippines.

The winner of the Westminster Dog Show in New York - Pekingese Malachi.

He is four years and it is not the first victory on the large-scale competitions.

In Rio de Janeiro is in full swing preparing for Carnival, Brazil. Two days left.

Dress rehearsal of the troupe of the State Opera and Ballet Theater before a traditional opera ball in Vienna, Austria.

Photo: AP, AFP, Getty Images, Reuters


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