20 fascinating paintings in the rhythm of the modern city

City - this is not just a place on a map, it's a way of life and a source of inspiration. The city has its romance and its secrets. Music, cars, buildings, lights, people hurrying on business ... Life flows around and want to move along with it.

< Website has decided to look at this life through the eyes of contemporary artists, charmed towns and the people who live in them.

city life Expression Cala Gadzhuma

Gadzhum Cal (Kal Gajoum) - a talented artist from Libya. It does not work with a brush and palette knife - a tool that is commonly used for mixing paints or cleaning the palette. Due to non-standard techniques are widely strokes and paintings filled with movement and depth. Energetic and relief painting Cala Gadzhuma cause delight and give a sense of the joy of life.

Dynamics everyday Andre Kona


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Andre Kohn (Andre Kohn) - a contemporary American impressionist painter of Russian origin. His style - a harmony of rich colors and moving silhouettes. Joyful, energetic picture of Andre Kohn liked art lovers around the world.

Glowing color Bernhard Vogel

Bernhard Vogel (Bernhard Vogel) - Austrian painter and traveler. He visited many cities around the world, the beauty and uniqueness which seeks to convey in his works. Vogel writes in watercolor in a remarkably free and easy manner, without being afraid to play with color and form. As a result, the city obtained its surprisingly dynamic and though filled with an inner light.

Romance towns and rain Jeff Rowland

Jeff Rowland (Jeff Rowland) - artist, in love with the rain. Penetrated rain and light city streets - one of his favorite subjects. Rainy city often becomes a symbol of loneliness and sadness, but not in Rowland. His city - a city of two under one umbrella

Pastel World Eugene Jay Paproski


Eugene J. Paproski (E.J.Paprocki) - impressionist painter of world renown. His paintings are filled with air and soft light. The world of the artist friendly and cozy. Looking at his paintings, I want to slowly walk on the rocky bridge unfamiliar cities, lost in the heat of the streets and walls.

Watercolor city Lin Ching-Che

The atmosphere transmits Taiwanese artist Lin Ching Che (Lin Ching-Che) using watercolors, incredible and delicious. Fabrics artist name is to plunge into the air and light and feel joyful and swift movement of life.

Preview: Kal Gajoum

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