Street life in London in 1876, the year

Scottish photographer, traveler and geographer John Thomson (John Thomson) is considered one of the first photographers to make pictures in East Asia. At the end of his long journey, John returned to London.

Upon his return to the UK in 1872, the photographer left the country only once, in 1878, the year he visited Cyprus. But we want to tell you another story. When John returned to Albion, the idea came to him to publish a magazine, which is called "Street life in London." The publication was monthly, where the Scot published his photos taken on the streets of the capital. Emphasis was placed on life in poor neighborhoods, so his project can rightly be considered perhaps the first photographic project in the world on social issues in a documentary style. After two years of successful edition of the magazine, in 1878, the year John Thomson (John Thomson) has published a book of the same name, photos of which you and see.

Photo by John Thomson


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