Greek street art in drawings Dimitris Taxis (Dimitris Taxis)

This art-hooligan - ethnic Greek, and is not born in Greece. The first years of his life he spent in the seventh-largest Polish city of Szczecin, in the north-west of the country. Later, his family decided to move to the country of their ancestors.

In principle, the majority of street patterns Dimitris Taxis (Dimitris Taxis) located just in Greece, or to be more precise, in the heart of the country - Athens. Now the artist 29 years, and close to be creative, he decided seven years ago. Initially, he painted only black-and-white drawings. However, over time, turned to color palette. The feature of his work is that Dimitris draws mostly on paper, which is pre-mounted on the wall. He prefers to paint with acrylics. It draws on various subjects, but often stops at the social problems that Greece is now more urgent than ever.


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