Street art duo

It is unclear what united the two Uruguayan artist: for the sake of money and fame, or for the sake of art. In any case, it has brought great results. Pictures painted on the walls, depicting trees and people gaze.

Responsibilities are clearly separated from the artists: Pablo S. Herrero (Pablo S. Herrero) deals with trees, penetrating all parts of the picture, and David de la mano (David de la Mano) is to put the figure of people, make a drawing, not only aesthetic, but also the sense fullness. The artists themselves can see in his work the idea of ​​unity between man and nature. The fact that people are always there, depending on the plant and animal world. Moreover, according to Pablo, we penetrate and impregnates branched forms: our vessels, nervous weave have a branched structure. In general, trees - people, people - like trees.


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