The eternal unity with nature

Photographer Eric Valli (Eric Valli) for several years, retired from modern civilization, lived this time with different groups of people who are, or have always lived in the area, or simply ran away from the "joys" of the world of consumers.

It may seem that such places exist only in the wild jungles, highlands and near the poles? This is not true. Although Eric Valli (Eric Valli) visited there. We present a series of his photographs taken in the Himalayas, the jungles of Southeast Asia as well as in the Midwest of North America. Particularly interesting is a series made in the United States, where people left their modern life to fully reconnect with nature. They spit on the most modern technology and return to basics.

Music for inspiration
"After escaping from networks».

"Himalayan caravans».

"Hunters for honey».

"Border jungle».

"Himalayan Gold Rush (The Pursuit of Rhodiola rosea root)."

Photo by Eric Valli


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