Ring of Fire - the first solar eclipse of 2012

That night, while Europe was asleep in the East Asia and the western United States observed the first solar eclipse this year. Luna closed by the inhabitants of the earth more than 94 percent of the sun's disk, showing a ring of fire.

Just above the surface of the Earth eclipse process took 4 hours and 43 minutes, starting in the South-West coast of China and completed in the state of Texas. Partial eclipse could be seen in the Far East and Siberia, but here the moon covered 40% to 80%. We offer you a small selection of pictures depicting the phenomenon.

Sky over Taipei, Taiwan, was overcast.

Annular eclipse in the eyepieces of binoculars, Sacramento, United States.

So there was an eclipse in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

Province of Quezon, Philippines.

Ellis, Kansas, USA.

Beijing, China.

Machida, southern Japan.

Clouds over Hong Kong during the eclipse added apocalyptic.

Seoul, South Korea.

Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

Iksoniya, Wisconsin, USA.

Odessa, Texas, USA.

Gardnervil, Nevada, USA.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Monument Valley, Arizona.

Shizuoka, Japan.

Yokohama, Japan.

In general, those wishing to watch the ring of fire was enough everywhere.

Photo: Wisconsin State Journal, Odessa American, Palmbeachpost


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