Haute couture, sometimes so high

Men of the fashion week in Paris came to an end, and we decided to savor the most stupid little vysokomodnyh models, meticulously examining every detail of the podium, "the toilet».

Nobody argues with the fact that high fashion is not a ready-to-wear, and it can soar high. However, sometimes, it seems that no one never hovered and all invented or under the influence of narcotic or a habitual hangover :) And do not take too literally written below. There is nothing but an attempt to make you smile.

Tom Brown (Thom Browne), for example, invited all coming spring to become latex folding urns :)

The same designer came up painted in silver color and excellent wear pants picnic. Who inspires you? Silvery pearl kangaroo or a rabbit?

And this is? Lurch from "The Addams Family"?

Finally! Now you can not just fill his pants into socks, and jackets with jackets neatly hidden in his pants :) The idea of ​​«Lanvin». Do not forget to raise the level of the nipple to the waist!

«Pierre Cardin» made suede astronauts. And never mind that the front always "attributes" of the leg to crawl leg. The main thing that the priest plush and smooth :) That mimics the "pendant" zip - better not even think about.

And let everyone know the color of my underpants! What? Very good slogan :) Although there is visible not only the color and model completely.

No corruption! Very strict dress from Walter Van Beyrendonka (Walter Van Beirendonck). Nipples because hidden :)

That same designer model: "Feel like a cake."

Suit "It seems that everyone wants to kill me."

They took away our pants and shorts. Wear ties and shirts! Here is our retaliation :) Beats model Raf Simons (Raf Simons).

Trend by Yohji Yamamoto - a bruise, scratch on the nose and tatushechka chest.

Looking at the collection of the designer thinking, "or model were beaten and then were given for the trend, or alcoholics and parasites are now eaten all over the world for its powerful fashionable hipsters stale and not choke.

If suddenly increased belly - John Galliano will save you. Excellent progress for all lovers of beer - 3D-snail just above the waist.

Never respond to such clothes to the question: "How much lobster?". Most likely, they already know and are just looking for a price cheaper :)

Do you want all of you behind? Just put on a suit. The facial expression - a nice bonus.

There she is! Here it is - a cap of my dreams! Its proposed brand «Kenzo».

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