Bearded, mustached European Championships

For the first time in the history of this strange championship continental level, it has passed in France, in the small town Vitedorf to the east of the country. As always, there was something to see.

Total number of participants exceeded one hundred bearded barbel, therefore, before the jury was given a very difficult task to find the owner of the most luxurious mustache and beard. And, as in all beauty contests, awards are handed out in several categories: "The most unkempt beard", "Salvador Dali mustache - style", "English beard", "Hungarian mustache", "Emperor Moustache" and even "Free Style ". Of course, the rewards have found their winners. However, in fact, such events more focused on the interaction between participants. It's not every day is going to so much of your "colleagues" in the same place.

Photo by Reuters


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