Unique spider peacock

Spider-peacock or the peacock spider (Maratus volans), lives on the territory of several Australian states. Its no wonder so named because it resembles the well-known bird seems too obvious.

Generally, literally, Maratus volans sounds like a flying spider. Entomologist Jürgen Otto () as soon as he moved to Sydney Australia, argued that there is practically nothing boring and pictures. Has not yet met with Maratus volans. Now he thinks Spider-peacock the most beautiful in the world and certainly not going to leave the green continent. A similar color is peculiar only to males and females look faded. Color flap males used in the mating season to attract the attention of females, as well as save your life in case of a possible assault by insectivorous birds. To attract females, male spider gets two paws and danced their dance. If you do not like dancing female candidate can easily turn into dinner. At the end of the set, you can watch a video about this unique arachnids.

Photo by flickr


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