Space Year in Photos

Today we decided to sum up the year, with an emphasis on space and other flights. The year was significant in many respects. Therefore, without waiting for the traditional December survey, begin to talk about the results.

One of the highlights of this year's leap Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner (Felix Baumgartner) from a height of 39,045 meters, thereby breaking the record of 52 years ago, in passing, breaking the speed of sound in the jump!

Shuttle «Endeavour» NASA completed the program and went "retired" in California.

The rover «Curiosity» arrived safely on Mars.

In North America, of course, happy the most.

This picture got a huge number of names, from "Cosmic hysteria" and ending with "the eyes of God." Helix Nebula - one of the most popular in the past year.

One of the most memorable images taken Andre Kuipers (Andre Kuipers) from the ISS to return to Earth. The photo aurora between Australia and Antarctica.

Mickey Mouse is now on Mercury. This crater was named Magritte.

The molecular cloud in the constellation Taurus stretched for tens of light years long and is located about 450 light years from Earth. The picture was taken by the Chilean telescope Apex.

The photo Typhoon Bopha, hit the Philippines. Photographed by Kevin Ford with the ISS.

Sad event - the funeral of the first man to set foot on the moon - Neil Armstrong (Neil Armstrong).

Rare picture of India. Venus passes across the surface of the sun. Such an event will happen the next time not earlier than one hundred years.

Photos "Sky Lanterns" Marek Nicodemo, it demonstrates another unusual phenomenon - Venus (right hand) and Jupiter (left hand) very close.

Snapshot "Star line of the Dolomites", Christoph Otava, took second place in the competition «Earth & Sky 2012".

Start the next "Union" to the ISS. For five months in space went Oleg Novitsky, Kevin Ford and Evgeny Tarelkin.

The picture of Saturn and its rings made machine «Cassini», using infrared, red, and purple filters. In the lower left corner of the planet's two moons flicker - Enceladus and Tethys.

Meet Sunita Williams, Akihiko Hoshide and Yuri Malenchenko after four months on the ISS, November 19, Kazakhstan.

Another ambiguous picture. Pencil Nebula many called Witches Broom.

Not all were able to observe this year's total solar eclipse. Residents of the Australian state of Queensland are very fortunate.

Telescope "Hubble" imprinted nebula NGC 5189, which is the majority somehow resembles a holiday pattern.

Impressive polar storm on Saturn was photographed spacecraft «Cassini».

The hinges on the sun, arose after the outbreaks. The size of such a loop is several times the size of our planet.

Supermoon over Manhattan. Sixth May moon was as close to Earth as it was called Supermoon.

One of the stars in the constellation of Camelopardalis, is approaching his death. The next release of the gas and the subsequent residues glow helium managed to shoot the telescope "Hubble".

Northern lights near Tromso Norwegian Thorbjorn Haagensen recorded the third of April.

Retrospective of the events that occurred to our sun. In the role of the future luminaries planetary nebula Cat's Eye, which is going through the same thing as the sun billions of years ago.

Snapshot of America, consisting of a series of frames made satellite «Suomi NPP». Photography has been called "black marble."

That's what seemed to us the passing year. In late January, be sure to read our monthly review of cosmic events.


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