Invaluable body art

Dad, being able to mild euphoria as a result of ingestion of a certain amount of beer after winning favorite "Shakhtar", went to bathe the child. Immerse yourself in the bath, lathered - washed, lathered again, but this time more. Lo and behold - a scratch on the tum in ditenka. Disorder. Ought to cover. Zelenka is taken, damaged skin is processed. And then ... the Pope visits whether muse, whether shiz - who will disassemble them, they, in general, fairly close relative. Zelenka again in his hands on the shoulders of a handsome boy emblem on the forearm - the name on the wrist - surname. Included mom and nearly falls on the doorstep. It is understandable. Suddenly, somehow. The next day visit to the doctor is planned. Wash immediately. Yeah, right now. Turned out to be a quality product, made in Germany. Virtually all and left. So go to the reception and had to.
The doctor, even though a young girl, was understanding. Eyes are not rounded, not sighed. Only after careful examination asked my mother, and who, indeed, have a baby daddy.


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